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Enjoy the summer! xxx

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Hi! How is your day going?

Last week we featured a Caribbean house; this time we are going to Mexico.This hotel Rosewood Hotel is just the perfect place to stay when you feel like doing nothing at all, don’t you think?

Calm spaces, great pool, wonderful sea,…mmmm……xxx

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Hi There! Time to start posting about summer houses again.

What about this Saint Barthélemy home I read about in Marie Claire?

Stay connected. Barefoot Greetings!Beach-house_main_image_object Beach-house_main_image_object1 Beach-house_main_image_object2 Beach-house_main_image_object3 Beach-house_main_image_object4 Beach-house_main_image_object5 Beach-house_main_image_object6 Beach-house_main_image_object7 Beach-house_main_image_object9 Beach-house_main_image_object10 Beach-house_main_image_object11 Beach-house_main_image_object12 Beach-house_main_image_object13

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Check out this beautiful home. Light, white and timmer…Enjoy!!1BAREFOOT 2BAREFOOT 3BAREFOOT 4BAREFOOT 5BAREFOOT 6BAREFOOT

Via The Design Chaser

I can’t wait for the good weather to kick in…. What about you? While we wait …let’s dream….beautiful house in Mallorca… Good day!


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Forget about falling as sleep during your next class. This school’s renovated interiors featuring colorful graphic design and dip die coloring will fill you with energy….very different from my home town high school……what are your thoughts?ImageImageImageImage

This morning I woke up and realised there are not that many leafs left on the trees!

So… I run upstairs, dressed up and jumped out of the house to enjoy the last hours of proper autumn light and colour…

Lucky me…by the time I left the house rain started falling…

So…here I am at the dining table (Otis Redding on the background) pinning autumn pictures while and drink a cup of tea.

Happy Sunday!

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fotos credits to be found on my pinterest:

Hi! How are you today? ….. This raining weather … makes me wanna run away .. pfffff ….. so …….. I pretend in my dreams to be heading towards the summer and dive into pictures of cool summer houses …… try my therapy … It may work for you too …bye … talk to you soon

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A bit late, but here I am with my pictures of the Woonbeurs held in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago….please excuse the quality of the camera gave me a hard time. I hope you enjoy them!!

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